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The Niseko HANAZONO Hill climb is a massed start TT cycle race, starting from the centre of Kutchan town & finishing at Go-shiki Onsen.
The race climbs 617 vertical metres over 15.5 km at an average grade of 4.6%. The hill climb will be run in conjunction with the Kutchan Jagata-matsuri. There are a number of categories ranging from elite to beginner and the focus of the event is on participation.


Massed started Road race time trial race. Grouped start may be adopted depends on number of racers.

SCF will record net time for the each participants and award each category in terms of net time.

Cutoff is at Weiss Gate, 1 hour after the race begins. 
The course will be closed to the public for 2 hours after the race begins. This race is run in compliance with the regulations of the Japan Cycling Federation (see and other local rules.

Please download this pdf for more information about your bikes and gear.

Rules and Regulations(update 28.6.2011)(PDF 1.3M)


  • If our race is the first race you are participating in, please heck the following information to figure out which category you can enter.

    - Newly registered JCF male cyclists or non-registered male cyclists without any cycle racing experience,
      - between 18 and 40 years old -> S-4 class
      - between 41 and 54 years old -> S-5 class
      - 55 years or older -> M class

    -Non-members can be upgrade based on their cycle racing experience. Please contact to the committee for more details.

  • The last year's champions will be automatically entered in the category above their previous year.
    (This rule applies to all cyclists inccluding non-registered members.)

  • Category change is not allowed, except upgrading by JCF.

  • Elite class can be applied for by JCF or HCF registered members only.

  • For Niseko HANAZONO Hill Climb first-timers who have entered the MTB (width of tyre is over 1.9cm), the above enter rules do not apply to the MTB category.


  • Cycling involves a degree of risk, and participants assume full responsibility for any and all damages that may arise from this event and its associated activities regardless of circumstances. The event organizers, their agents, staff, and representatives are to be blameless in any such instance. Should you require any medical or other treatment, you shall neither seek nor expect any medical or emergency treatment other than standard emergency treatments or such as the organizer’s insurance may provide for. Your images taken at this event may be used for the promotion purpose of the event and hereby consent to such use of your image. You are required to return your timing chip at the end of the event. Cyclist who do not return their timing chips will be invoiced an extra cost of JPY 10,000.

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